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Life Of Plenty

Observations by ecodecoarora

Dear universe of the curious, generous, passionate, genuine, and civilized, as we move into MMXVIII, may wit, folly and surprise aplenty manifest themselves in decadent forms and sizes upon each and every one of us!

Now, twenty-six days and ticking into 2018, what I still believe to be utterly true (in my own life) is that life is short and life is hard. The fleeting passage of time, so precious, is difficult to contend with the older I get. It’s disbelieving that Y2K was not just yesterday. In a blink, days turn into weeks, months pass and seasons change. Winter always arrives unceremoniously, while it seems to stay for a hundred years! But mindful breathing, French creams and warm cups of water are comfort friends.

Meanwhile, outside, despite the layering in seasonal garb, limb-chilling cold confronts my body. I fight against it; nature’s abuse hurts my skin and morale. I’m plenty tired of these wintry woes consisting of dry and itchy eyes, constant sniffles and a permanent cold sensation on both feet and fingers, upper back and tip of the nose. I’d bet, too, that plenty of my readers feel the same way?

But then, on the flip side of my truth coin, I’m also rich with hope. Yes, I’m feeling resolute that with the dawn of a new year come new opportunities, possibilities and pleasures! Surely. After all, it is what I need — and have been working toward. With my life aspiration aimed directly at being in a happier spot, an ideal scene in my so-called personal script would unfold like this:

After examination of hard-won efforts put on display over an extended period of time, circumstance and preparation finally meet eye to eye to introduce an alignment that is at long last right. Long-term professional growth and stability follow suit, free of unwarranted obstacles. The ultimate reward starts to pay off: a sunny and safe future. So richly deserved. While the attainable goals are reached: to be accepted, to be heard, to be respected, to be treated equitably.

Common sense dictates that all is never anew in a new year since life experiences and learning carry forth. These elements in the canvas of life are painted with the weighty colours of unattended emotional baggage or the lightness and brightness of achieving clarity and having closure. Nature’s true humanity, inclusive of flaws, should reveal to ourselves, and to others, like those in positions of power, that we all can be at once vulnerable and lucid. In this regard, we should all be taking active steps to hear, listen, understand, and see each other. With an open mind and an open heart.

As I march on, down slippery slopes and slushy streets, with the hoards of consummate professionals moving in similar directions, at varying speeds, I can only continue to hope that in the circularity of life my generous and brave efforts, demonstrated through hard work, drive and resilience, will be able to influence those people in order to become visible, and eventually collect the dividends on my investment to enjoy, with fair reason, a life of plenty. Om shanti.



Sustainable Interior Stylist & Art Advisor + Translator & Copy Editor

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Sustainable Interior Stylist & Art Advisor + Translator & Copy Editor