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True story by ecodecoarora
Originally posted elsewhere on 15 January 2011

On a cold and rainy night last November following an energizing talk by a LA-based architect, I waited in the lobby of the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design for the rain to finally subside, when I stumbled upon a special advertisement in Corriere Canadese. An upcoming fundraising gala and art auction hosted by the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund (in Canada) would be taking place in mid-December, grabbing my attention immediately. Any cause bearing Mr Mandela’s beloved name equates, in my eyes, with honour, dignity, truth, and value. High Value.

The fifth edition of The Hands of Hope Art Auction was held at Toronto’s gorgeously magical Royal Conservatory of Music. The live and silent auctions at Koerner Hall were specially curated and an auctioneer from a premier auction house animated the crowd of art buyers whose acquisitions directly support the education of youth in Canada and South Africa. The well-heeled event was full of love, enthusiasm and colour, and felt imbued with the spirit of Mandela.

Photos below were snapped by the evening’s photographer. Donned in white gloves, I showcase one of the big-ticketed items, The Artists International Direct Support Portfolio, a project developed by Art for AIDS International which consists of 25 works created by 25 international artists inspired by the theme of HIV and AIDS. While this fantastic collection of limited edition prints sadly did not find a buyer on this special evening, it is still available and I recommend that interested parties enquire further. I was honoured to be in privileged contact with such beautiful and unique works. Certainly, once framed and hung on your walls — at home or the office — it would charm you and feed you in ways visual art knows how.

Stylishly and soulfully yours.

Detail: Natasha ARORA with works from The Artists International Direct Support Portfolio, Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, December 2010



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